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The Overnight Qari: Download Now!

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Your essential guide to reciting with style

Ever wish you could recite just as beautifully as your favorite Qari?

When it comes to reciting the Quran beautifully, many people treat it like some sort of gift — you either have it or you don’t.  Of course, everything we have is a gift from Allah, but the reality is that reciting beautifully is like any other skill that can be developed.  If you’re willing to put in some time and effort, there are many things you can learn that will help you beautify your voice and take your recitation to the next level.

In this free ebook, Idrees Ally of ReciteinTune.com breaks down the art of beautiful recitation of the Quran, and helps you on your journey towards reciting with style.

In this book, you will learn:

  • That anyone, including YOU, can learn to recite beautifully
  • Three tajweed tips to bring greater clarity to your recitation
  • The basics of the tune patterns (maqamat) used in Quranic recitation
  • How to warm up and exercise your voice to keep it ready for recitation
  • How to maintain proper vocal health through diet
  • How to better articulate and project your voice
  • How to beautify your vocal tone
  • How to breathe properly for those really long ayahs
  • Why you should recite beautifully
  • What reciting beautifully can do for your eman
  • and much more!

This book is a first of its kind … submit your name and email address to get your copy!